Bouchard loves Badosa rating men from 1 to 10

Genie Bouchard recently reacted to a short Q&A session involving top 10 WTA player Paula Badosa. In the video, the WTA world number 4 is given examples of male looks from 1-10 and one of their tennis habits. The Spaniard had to give each example a grade.

Here is how Badosa performed during the Q&A.

  • “He’s a 5 but loves to serve and volley,”
    • Badosa’s grade: 7
  • “He’s a 3 but thanks each ballkid,”
    • Badosa’s grade: 10
  • “He’s a 10 but tries to hit you with an overhead,”
    • Badosa’s grade: 0
  • “He’s a 9 but he calls the ball out when it goes over the fence,”
    • Badosa’s grade: -10

Bouchard reacted to the video with a comment: “This is so good.”

Here is the video:

Badosa dates a model

WTA world number 4 dates model Juan Betancourt.

In September, Paula Badosa celebrated Juan’s birthday with a romantic photo dump accompanied by a message. “Happy birthday, Juan Betancourt! Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world,” Badosa wished her boyfriend.

“Thank you for teaching me what love is,” Betancourt replied on Instagram.

Bouchard dates another model

Per Daily Mail Australia, Genie Bouchard is dating Jack Brinkley-Cook, the son of model Christie Brinkley, as the two were spotted looking for lunch in SoHo, New York City.

The two lovers, both wearing shorts and caps, ate at Jack’s Wife Freda, according to Daily Mail Australia. Read more in this article: Genie Bouchard spotted wearing shorts with new famous boyfriend in NYC. Recently, after her short adventure in Seoul, Bouchard was asked by the president of a t-shirt company in Miami whether she has found her soulmate in what meant to be a funny joke.

“Have you found your Seoulmate?” Mike Hoerner asked Bouchard on Instagram. Genie replied to the joke in a bored manner: “Mike…”

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