Emma Raducanu called “motorhead” after attending Carrera Cup

After Emma Raducanu posted a series of photos from her visit to the Porsche Carrera Cup in Great Britain, fans called Emma a “motorhead” and a “petrolhead.” “Champs final in the neighbourhood @porsche,” Raducanu captioned her latest Instagram post.

Raducanu’s passion for cars is well-known, so no wonder she is considered a car fanatic.

Raducanu drove near a Grand Prix track

This year, Emma Raducanu has achieved another of her life’s ambitions by visiting the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, which is close to the renowned Grand Prix track.

The Grand Slam winner was undeterred by the shifting grip levels of the specialized tracks of the Porsche Experience Centre as she got to know the Porsche 911 Carrera S since she had experience needing to swiftly adjust to a range of playing surfaces when competing on the international WTA Tour.

“I found the track really good. It was a lot of fun for me. The performance of the 911 is obviously strong but the power delivery is progressive, so I was able to build up confidence quickly. Over the laps, you can anticipate the car’s reactions more, and I could get into a rhythm,” said Emma Raducanu.

“It is like playing a tennis match; learning where to push and how to work with the car to get the best results. My instructor Graham gave me lots of good advice. I learned a lot and am already looking forward to coming back”.

“I have met many top sportspeople and their focus and determination to be the best they can be is always crystal clear,” said Porsche’s Mark Webber afterwards.

“Those qualities were plain to see when Emma drove me in the 911 today, the same grit you see on the tennis court!” Raducanu, however, sticks to a more humble car in her daily life. “My dad is Romanian and a Dacia was his first car.

So, yeah, I have a white Dacia Sandero,” Raducanu said. “It was funny, I passed my test three days before the first lockdown and we sort of knew it was going into lockdown, so we needed to buy a car ASAP. I bought it second-hand for £5k. I take care of her. I’m never going to get rid of it.”

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