Novak Djokovic: ‘Freedom of speech for me today is just…’

Canadian tennis player Felix Auger Aliassime reached the ATP Finals in Turin after a fantastic winning streak, which was only stopped in the semifinals of Paris-Bercy against Danish Holger Rune, later winner of the tournament.

Felix made his debut in Turin against Ruud, succumbing to emotion and a Norwegian in great form. Yesterday, the 22-year-old American beat Rafael Nadal in an unprecedented feat: Felix is ​​the only tennis player in the 21st century to have beaten the big three, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Auger-Aliassime beat Roger in the Halle tournament in 2021, he recently defeated Djokovic for the first time in the Laver Cup and yesterday he also defeated Rafa Nadal, thus achieving an incredible record. A beaming Auger-Aliassime commented on the match after the match: “It’s a very important win to stay alive in the tournament and have a chance to move on.

I didn’t think about the fact that Nadal could become number one. I really didn’t. For me it was simply an opportunity to win this match and advance in the tournament. When you face a great player, you always have extra motivation and try to play your best tennis.

Today I was able to do it. It’s special to have beaten him, Novak Djokovic in the Laver Cup and Roger Federer before. It’s a special memory for a young player like me.” With yesterday’s defeat, Rafael Nadal was officially eliminated from the ATP Finals and thus loses the opportunity to finish the year 2022 at the top of the World Ranking.

As for Félix Auger Aliassime, it must be said that the Canadian will face the American tennis player Taylor Fritz in a practically eliminatory match in which the winner advances to the next phase and the loser definitively leaves the tournament.

Nole Djokovic shone in Turin

Novak Djokovic recently opened up about the unjust and harsh criticism he is subject to from the tennis media. “I know that people sometimes think I’m fake, that I do certain things because I want to be loved.

It’s not like that, I’m just trying to be genuine. It’s something we’re losing,” Djokovic said, adding, “It is not possible to please everyone but by now the politically correct forces us to give up expressing our ideas with respect, without hatred, but with freedom.

Freedom of speech for me today is just an illusion. I had an extraordinary example of this this year, with what happened to me around the vaccine issue. I expressed myself for the freedom to be able to dispose of one’s body, and immediately I was accused of being a no-vax, which I am not.

If you don’t belong to a certain way of thinking, you quickly become the bad guy. That’s no good,” he expressed.

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