Australian Liberal leader: “Novak Djokovic must regret what he did”

Novak Djokovic will be allowed to play the next edition of the Australian Open. According to the local press, the Australian authorities seem willing to cancel the three-year ban suffered by the Serbian after the cancellation of the visa by the former immigration minister Alex Hawke.

A story that had thrown Djokovic into the storm but that would now come to a happy ending. Interviewed by the Australian newspaper The Age, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party Peter Dutton, among those who had pushed for the veto of the Serbian champion, said he was enthusiastic about his return, but at the same time he is convinced that Djokovic should sincerely repent for what happened at the beginning of the year.

He explained: “I think it is appropriate for him to come back, that we will have a great tournament with him, although I think he has to regret what he did last year, looking at things in perspective now.”

Corretja on Djokovic: “Defeat in Paris-Bercy will do him good”

Even though his headset was broken, Novak Djokovic managed for the umpteenth time to qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals.

The former world number 1, for one reason or another, has played far fewer games than usual on the circuit this year, nevertheless winning a place among the eight participants in the Finals thanks to the Grand Slam victory at Wimbledon and the placement in the first 20 players of the Race.

Djokovic who, after the quarter-final at Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal, never lost a match until the final in Paris-Bercy against Holger Rune. A defeat that, according to Alex Corretja, can only do the Serbian good: “I believe that Novak’s motivation, at the moment, is to try to win everything he plays, because he has won almost every time he has played, so his confidence must be huge.

The fact that he lost the final at Bercy can help him ease a little of the feeling that he can’t lose. Now he knows he can lose, winning the Masters is important. the following season, trying to place well, because in the end you don’t want to be in eighth or seventh place, as you can face more difficult opponents in the quarters.

Each time he climbs in the rankings, therefore, he is more confident for the future. I think he is a winner and he has proven that he is. He likes to prove that he is better than others. That’s why I think Novak is such a relief to be able to play. He is happy because he is proving to himself and others that he is still one of the strongest guys.”

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